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Perro Sin Pelo del Peru is small in growth, but with big heart. He eats little, but he needs lot of love. He is merry, clever and active companion for all age cathegories. He is suitable for mejority of people with allergy. He can help to light up the life and fill in empty place to lonely people and childless couples.   


Constans (Kony)


CH  Constans  Gavany´s  Bohemia

Born 29.7. 2005

Hight 38 cm       Weigt 6,5 kg 

Breed - AAA/0/A1 B1,2 D3 H6/06

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  • Junior champion
  • Champion CZ
  • Club Champion
  • 3x CAJC
  • 6x CAC
  • 5x CACIB
  • 7x BOB
  • 1x Club winner of young
  • 1x Winner of special show
  • 1x Winner of Prag
  • 1x National winner
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    Dam: Sire:
    Bochica Ollanta Pazzda Benito-Boy z Vysokého lesa

    Benito-Boy z Vysokeho lesa

    Forrest Gump Taschi-Rimpo

    Ich., Ch. Czech Taschi-Rimpo

    Ich., Ch. Ebony Taschi-Rimpo

    Arnika z Vysokeho lesa

    Ch. Willabe Czech Grumpy

    Ich., Ch. Darley-DJaconna od Zlaté Samanty

    Ch. Bochica Ollanta Pazzda

    Vicus del Nari Walac


    Ich., Ch. Deianeira Panky

    Ich., Ch. Czech Taschi-Rimpo

    Berenica Panky CS

    Avalanche (Valinka)


    Avalanche Mlthon Bohemia

    Born 13.11. 2007

    Hight    cm       Weigt     kg 


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    Dam: Sire:
    CH Constans Gavanis Bohemia ICH Damasquito Pelito

    ICh.  Damasquito Pelito

    Eso Pelito Cucho Pelito
    Biss Pelito
    Yenus Pelito Faraundo Pelito
    Ercas Pelito

    Ch. Constans Gavanis Bohemia

    Benito-Boy z Vysokého lesa

    Forrest Gump Taschi-Rimpo
      Arnika z Vysokého lesa

    Ch. Bochica Ollanta Pazzda

    Vicus del Nari Walac

    Ich., Ch. Deianeira Panky